Bowling with RBKD

About a month ago I was asked to help with organizing a Bridging Activity. I was really excited, but because this was the first time I’ve ever organised anything for RBKD, I felt really pressured as well.

I was so stressed out because I wanted everyone to have a really good time, and my imagination is really weird so I had really graphic thoughts. I didn’t want anyone to get hurt or injured and there was a moment in there where I actually couldn’t breathe. But luckily I had a really nice mentor who listened to and subdued my worries.

So after planning and quite a few hiccups along the way, it was finally D-DAY. The day of the Bowling Bridging Activity.

It was really fun. I love the playing method whereby it wasn’t the usual one person to a 10 frame game. We played, in all essence of the word, randomly. We took turns to throw once each and in the end it was more of having fun together as a team instead of gunning for an individual final score. It’s really difficult to explain (see! if you joined us you’d know! :p). I guess the best way to describe it is organized chaos. This really paved the way for natural interaction. We talked and laughed a lot. It was definitely not as awkward as I thought it  might be. Props to whoever came up with this idea! I love that the Teamwork that RBKD is all about was brought out so clearly.

I also met many new people who loved RE, and I definitely hope that I will be seeing more of them in the future.

All in all, I enjoyed myself thoroughly and all the preparation work was well worth it!

Note: This was written on 16 Dec 2013, but I wanted to put it up only after it got up on the RBKD blog, and then when it was put up there I was so busy, so this is up on here only now.

Bowling with RBKD

RBKD Orientation 2013

On 8 June 2013, I participated in my 2nd RBKD Orientation. I enjoyed it in a different way than my first one. Firstly, I already knew some people and so it wasn’t as awkward as my first. Secondly, the location was different and less hot and stuffy than last year’s in Sentosa.

The day started early. The meeting time was 9am! Everyone who knows the sort of vampire I am will know that this is a huge challenge for me. I couldn’t sleep properly the night before because I was so worried that I’d oversleep. Anyway, I made it~ Wasn’t late at all. Of course it helped that the meeting place is so near my house.


So everyone arrived dressed in their team colors. It’s a tradition for RBKD Orientation to have Teams R, B, K, and D and each team will have a randomly allocated color. I was with Team R and our color was Red! We proceeded to have “family” breakfast at KFC and Team R got to set off first on the “amazing race” because we were the first team to send a full group photo.

The first task was a “fill in the blanks” of her quotes. Holy beezus this was difficult! The organizing committee really did their homework man! Some of the quotes were from really old interviews! And then there were those in Mandarin..which most of my team couldn’t read HAHA. So we went from being the 1st to the last also because we couldn’t decipher the 2nd location.


But! After we got to the 2nd location, we actually completed it 2nd I think. Then things went on and it didn’t really matter what position we were anymore because nobody really knew.. we just enjoyed the journey. And it was one hell of a journey. We basically was led from Harborfront all the way to Keppel Island then ended up in Labrador Park. All that while running/walking/baking in the sun ON FOOT!

We played an obstacle course game and it was here where I heard the quote of the year from the Pres: “In RBKD we don’t sabo each other, there are no forfeits, because the point is to have fun together.” She didn’t say it exactly like that but it was something like’s been a month I can’t remember! But anyway yea I remembered feeling a sense of wondrous revelation. It was just like “WOAH (Y)” Follow her on twitter! She will wow you too.


We were done with everything at 6+pm and all of us were so tired and so hungry but we still had to hike 1km to the MRT station. It took us about an hour to finally get back to Harborfront and that’s where we had our dinner!  Steamboat with RBKD is always, always fun let me tell you. Always. There was lots of laughs at my table alone, and there was just non-stop chatting and laughing coming from everyone else! We also got a view of RWS Sentosa and were treated to lots of fireworks while having dinner!


I really enjoyed the Orientation but every year when I get home, I’d be thinking  *OMG I am so-freaking-tired I’m not going to do it again next year* *I’m gonna dieee* But you know what? When it does roll around next year, I most probably still would do it all over again.

Hope YOU join us for Orientation 2014! See you there!
Melissa xx


NOTE: ALL photos in this post credits to: RBKD Instagram
You can read more write-ups about this event on the RBKD Blog. Do check it out!

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RBKD Orientation 2013

Thankful June

So..I’ve pretty much disappeared from here for the month of June because 1) My laptop broke! and 2) I’ve been crazy busy. I still am super busy and will continue to be until probably the rest of the year. It’s not that I got a job or got back into school though. I’m not trying to be mysterious and stuff but I just really cannot disclose what exactly I’m busy with. HAHAHA it’s funny because I’m not even kidding. But, June was really quite a good month!

June was filled with many eventful days spent with RBKD, most notably our 2013 Orientation which I will put up a detailed post of, 2 Youth Code events, a Masquerade Party, and a few other gathering sessions. I have a write-up featured on the RBKD blog in this post, and if you’d like to read more about the fun stuff RBKD does together, you can check out the blog right here.

Basically for June, I am thankful that:

  • I am a part of RBKD (I know, this is repetitive, but I really am)
  • I had a chance to take part in all of the awesome activities with super awesome people

    Picture from: Candice. PS none of us are smiling cos we’re taking a “in character” shot. We’re supposed to look badass. LOL
  • I saw her many times in June, each time, she was prettier than the last.
  • I made and successfully passed her a handmade card which I’m quite proud of
  • ZZSF ( The Dream Makers; Mediacorp Channel 8 drama) finally debuted and #zzsf trended on Twitter. This continues the streak of all her shows trending on debut since Unriddle 2.
  • We managed to get #fangtonglin up in the trending topics upon her character’s debut as well. This is extra significant because…(if you really want to know, ask me privately..I can’t throw it out here :s )20130611_203740_wm
  • We took a picture with Sam Ong and he even reposted it!!
  • My laptop could be fixed (for free!). Because I absolutely hate buying new electronic gadgets like computers and phones. I’m very stone-age..I don’t understand product specifications and don’t really want to have to

    Picture from: Peace;
  • I went to Pink Dot 2013! I’ve never been able to go in the previous years cos I was always working on that day20130614_173448
  • Leila is growing up well!

So yea, June was amazing and there are still many things to look forward to in July! Check out my next post which will be about the RBKD Orientation!

Melissa xx

Thankful June

Volunteering with RBKD

*This is going to be a long post.*

On the 26th of January 2013, I joined RBKD in their 3rd annual Chinese New Year charity drive. We visited the elderly who were living on their own in senior citizen studio apartments and gifted them with handmade with love CNY goodies like pineapple tarts and almond cookies, eggs, rice and even CNY decoration for their front door.

We were split up into groups of 3-4, with lots of factors taken in; time we’ve been with RBKD, the dialects we speak, personality etc. I was in a group with Lionel and his mom and Jasmine! I was the newest member of my group but never once did I feel like I didn’t belong. That’s what’s really really nice of RBKD. To quote the club Pres, “there can be many cliques within RBKD, but when we come together, we are ONE big clique.” AWWW

Anyway, the day began at 11am (earlier for committee and “delivery” people). I arrived at the Centre in Ang Mo Kio, and not long after, our “delivery” of rice arrived and we had to move them, 30kg a pack (containing 6 bags of 5kg each rice), from the car to the area outside the Centre. After that we started moving eggs. YEA EGGS! They were very fragile so we had to move them very carefully but at the same time being quick. After moving everything we proceeded inside to rest and this was when the big reveal came.

The Pres told us that people from xinmsn were here to follow us around and film stuff etc. At that point I was like “”. But wait, the Pres then said, that “she” is coming. And then I was like “wait what? she? who? what? WHATTT???!!? SHE?! HER?! OMG?! FOR REAL?!” Ok and then I felt the air in the room change even though everyone on the surface were super cool and very calm about it. Because, none of us, even the committee, knew that she will be attending. So yea we all had our pokerfaces on but I’m sure I wasn’t the only one doing somersaults inside right? At this point the mantra was “keep calm..breathe. *repeat*”. But then anyway, she arrived and I surprised myself. It was actually easy to stay calm. Because the Pres, when she told us, said not to take photos or ask for photos etc cos you know, she’s on her off day, she just wants to do something good and volunteer, not work. So yea when I finally saw her in the flesh it was almost like “ok she is just another person..she’s here for the same purpose as us”. Then we proceeded to do what we needed to do; give out everything to the elderly. We had fun joking and sharing the lifts, talking to the elderly, taking the stairs and sticking up the CNY decorations.

After we were done with all the tasks, it was celebration time!!! We bought Yu Sheng and a very yummy cake for Idol, and we sang her birthday songs in English, Mandarin and Malay. Maybe next year we can add in Korean? All of us had a blast enjoying the cake and yu sheng and shouting HUAT AH!

I don’t have elderly people in my family to interact with, so this experience opened my eyes. Speaking to the elderly actually inspired a lot of us. My group came across this granny who was already 89 years old, has hearing difficulties and cannot stand for long periods of time. When she goes out of her house she has to go in a wheelchair. But when she was talking to us about her life, her children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren, you could see the joy in her eyes. She told us how filial they are and how much she enjoys cooking for them even though it tires her to stand in the kitchen all day. She has a neighbor living upstairs who likes threatening her with a walking stick, but she still smiles through it all and lives her own life. If you were there first-hand listening to her, you would actually feel her zest. Just like my teammate Jasmine said, people like this granny should really inspire you to not give up, no matter what difficulties you might be facing, because there are people who have to go through more than you and are still living. It might be easier said than done but really, when you feel down and out..just remember.

CNYRiceCharityImage credits to RBKD

I really liked this volunteering experience and hope we have more opportunities to do things like this. This experience also made me feel like RBKD is not just a fan club. It is so.much.MORE. RBKD is a group of people who CAN do other things, other meaningful things, not just scream and shout and go crazy for an Idol. We are much more and I am proud that I can be a part of RBKD.

Watch the VIDEO of this event, or check out the RBKD website HERE

Now allow me to gush about how pretty she is! She is SUPERRRR pretty! And she’s incredible nice! People should really stop saying crap about her cos really, she’s very very nice and doesn’t deserve those unnessecary criticisms.


Volunteering with RBKD