My New Guitar!

As the title says, I bought myself a new guitar! It’s a low range acoustic guitar. I didn’t need one that’s too good (read: expensive), because I am an absolute newbie! I have ZERO idea how to play. It’s a matte black Fina and it looks really good! I couldn’t get a picture of it that justified how good it looks though but basically it’s true to that colour you see in the image below.


My friend, who is self-taught and super awesome, helped to pick this one out for me. She’s also very generously teaching me how to play! I’ve been practising daily. Fingertips don’t feel as painful as they did on the first day now, but I still can’t manage the get the chords spot on GRRR. Need to practise more!!!

Abruptly, goodbye.

My New Guitar!

You Can’t Win – Kelly Clarkson

I have drafted a super long post but can’t post it yet, so I thought I’d share these lyrics first..I think these lyrics..are absolutely true. Maybe we should all just be a little less judgemental and learn to respect that everyone is fighting their own respective battles..

If you go
They say you’re following
If you don’t
Then you’re too good for them
If you smile
You must be ignorant
If you don’t – what’s your problem?
If you`re down – so ungrateful
And if you’re happy – why so selfish?
And you can’t win, no
You can’t win, no
The one who doesn’t quite fit in
Under your skin, oh
A walking disaster
Everytime you try to fly you end up falling out of line
Oh, you can’t
You can’t win, no
If you’re thin
Poor little walking disease
If you’re not
They’re all screaming obese
If you’re straight
why aren’t you married yet?
If you’re gay why aren’t you waving a flag?
If it’s wrong, you’re nailing it
If it’s right, you always miss
You can’t win, no
You can’t win, no
The one who doesn’t quite fit in

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Song can be bought HERE

You Can’t Win – Kelly Clarkson