Hong Kong Bound!

WOOHOO! I’ll be flying off to Hong Kong in a few hours!

Really looking forward to all the good food and shopping but not the flight though. I don’t have a fear of planes or heights or anything like that. I just find being stuck in a plane very uncomfortable (since I’m poor and am stuck in Economy..). I hate the recycled air in the plane that makes me skin super dry. Hopefully there’re no wailing babies on the plane.

Anyway, it’s funny, everyone has requested for me to help them buy the same thing..I hope I can find it and it fits in my luggage.

I’ll also be going to Macau, and I can’t wait to have Lord Stow egg tarts and the famous pork chop bun! Also planning to go visit some casinos. Since the only casinos I’ve seen are those in Vegas, I kinda want to see how those in other places look/feel like. I want to go to the Grand Lisboa and the Ruins of St Paul (Poetice Justice HAHAHA!). The last time I went at night so now I want to see it in the day.

Okay I’m really tired now goodnight.

Hong Kong Bound!