Thankful Fridays: 12 July 2013

This week I am thankful that:


  • I spotted a haze free, super blue, super white clouds sky. Sometimes the most beautiful things in life are really free. It’s just up to us to keep it that way by reducing our carbon footprints!


  • I helped Lush Singapore in their Guinness World Record attempt. They are trying to raise awareness of the cruelty that’s involved in cosmetic testing and how LUSH does not test on animals and also do not condone it or support it in any way. All of the ingredients used at LUSH are purchased from sellers who do not test their raw ingredients on animals, unlike some other brands who claim to be cruelty-free yet have their raw materials tested on animals behind the façade.


  • Melly (a friend, not me), helped my get some things from the YG eshop and I met up with her to collect them! Also met Yawen and managed to score stuff at the Accessorize sale!
  • Got a new coat of color at the salon


  • Tried out Bull and Butcher and the food was quite good! Especially loved the Petit Tender and the Banana and Toffee tart. Recommended! But, do go in when you have lots of time to spare because the food took quite long to arrive. Service is so-so.
  • Went for tea with the family at Goodwoord Park! Seriously the durian mousse cake is to die for!
  • Finally submitted a proposal and it’s totally weight taken off my shoulders. It’s not the end of it though so still a little nervous but at least the first step has been taken..
  • The peony has been 80% finalized and I am so in love with it! Can I say more? NO hahaha.

Is this part of being an adult? I feel like now, there are so many things that I really cannot disclose. :/ Ok the last point is a choice but still. Like how I said in my previous post that my next post would be about *** but I haven’t put it up because I’m still waiting for clearance..hahaha.

Anyways, back to my project life! (Keep checking back for scoops~)
Melissa xx

Thankful Fridays: 12 July 2013

Saturday Continued

Continued from this post.

After eating we went to Bugis Street and braved the crowd because the crazy friend wanted to buy a new bumper for her phone. Ended up finding one she liked in the very first shop we went into so we wasted no time escaping the area. Window-shopped in Bugis Junction and guess who I saw!


TAADAAH!! With her own little section there, looking all pretty and flawless. Randomly seeing this in Watsons totally made my day. Also, I first posted this photo on Instagram, and it has since been re-posted by RBKD and Sam Ong! So happy! Cheap thrills LOL.

So after eating so much meat for lunch I wasn’t really hungry at dinner time, but I still had to eat with my mom so I picked somewhere that will have light food too.


There aren’t many “safe”(not crazily crowded) places to go on a Saturday night so we ended up having dinner at Eat@Taipei. They were quite understaffed and the few staff on hand weren’t very attentive so everything was quite slow except the serving of the food. Nobody seemed to be available to take our order. But anyway, the bottom line is, the food is bad. Everything was super salty. I thought I was being overly critical because I wasn’t hungry, but my mom also agreed that it was bad. The milk tea was good though but not unique. There are other places that serve equivalent and better milk tea. So, I won’t be going back.

I watched Inception (yes 3 years after its release I’m slow whatever). I had a tea egg for supper. I love tea eggs! That is all.
Melissa xx

Saturday Continued

BonChon Saturday

Today I met my crazy friend Yawen for lunch. Crazy because she just came back from Korea and chose to eat at Bon Chon when there must have been loads of cheaper and better ones in Korea.

Nevertheless, this is what we ate.


Yea..we’re monsters. We ordered the Large combo. It includes 14 pieces of wings/drumlets and 6 pieces of drumsticks and 2 sides of your choice. Honestly it was because on the menu it says “14 wings + 6 drums”, so we thought it really meant wings and drumlets. But nope. Anyway we did manage to finish most of it. Had 4 pieces leftover which we took-away for dinner. LOL.

The chicken was good, but the sides were terrible. Probably the worst kimchi I’ve ever had in my entire life. And the coleslaw tasted like it was about to go bad. Not good. Next time I will just order the wings on their own. Don’t bother with the sides. We didn’t have drinks either, because we’d already planned on having Blackball!


Blackball is good, but it is overrated and over-hyped. And because of the hype, everyone goes in and expects that it will be super amazing, but really, it’s not. It’s just a regular dessert place, that serves above average grass jelly and sweet potato balls. It is good, but it is not that amazing. Tame your expectations before you get disappointed.

I shall continue today’s adventures on the next post. Keep a look out for it! There will be more food in it 😀
Melissa xx

BonChon Saturday

Thankful Fridays: 17 May 2013

This week I am thankful that:

  • I’ve been accepted to join RBKD’s Orientation this year! I went last year and it was so fun so I am looking forward to it
  • She was revealed as the new face of L’Oreal Youth Code. Things will only get better for her
  • I finally got Cupping therapy done for my aching back. Read about it HERE.


  • I had superb Japanese BBQ at Gyu-Kaku
  • I managed to start studying for my exams in June
  • The queue was not very long when I tried Jollibee for the first time
  • Dan Brown’s Inferno finally came out and I was able to get a copy. Read my thoughts on the book HERE. (There are no spoilers)

Melissa xx

Thankful Fridays: 17 May 2013

I ♥ Din Tai Fung

While having dinner with my mother at Din Tai Fung, it suddenly hit me that I have never expressed just how much I love that place before. I really need to pop them an e-mail soon. It feels a little like I’ve been taking them for granted. I’ve probably dined at DTF more than a hundred times; ever since they opened in Singapore, I eat there at the very least twice a month. I actually think the average is once a week. And out of so many times, they still haven’t done anything to piss me off. That is really no easy feat.


Yes there is almost always at queue at DTF, but if you pick the correct branch for your chosen time, there are ways to avoid the crowd. The food can be a little inconsistent, but it has never been so off that the food is bad. When the restaurant is busy the food might take a little longer to be served, but it’s always accurate. Even when the restaurant is swamped, I have never gotten any food that I had to send back; trust me on this, I don’t hesitate to when I have to. I have no tolerance for awful food.

And even though they are perpetually busy, I have never once experienced or witnessed rude or uninterested service. They’re always friendly and attentive, and what impresses me the most is that I have never seen a “manager” or a “supervisor” running on the floor, instructing the staff what to do. They all know very well their individual tasks and act upon it with their own initiative. There’s a lot of teamwork; nobody has to tell anybody else what to do (other than if a table requests for a tea refill to the hostess), and I really admire that. I know exactly how difficult that is to achieve because I’ve been a waitress before.

All in all, DTF is definitely one of my top choices when I just want comforting, fuss-free food. Most of the time I don’t get stuck in a long wait because I am already familiar with it enough to know which branch to go to at which days of the week & time of the day. However, it is also one of the very few places I would wait in line for if I have to, because it’s definitely worth it.

So kudos to you, Breadtalk group! Your other brands like Toastbox and Carl’s Jr. needs more polishing (maybe you should have Taster Food manage them as well) but please keep it up with DTF! I LOVE DIN TAI FUNG!!!

Go to your nearest DTF and have a feast today! You’re welcome. 🙂
For a list of Din Tai Fung branches click HERE

Melissa xx

I ♥ Din Tai Fung

Thankful Fridays: 10 May 2013

This week I am thankful that:


  • I had lots of good food the entire week, and had superb Korean BBQ two nights in a row
  • 700249476
  • All the beautiful washi-tape that I ordered arrived safely and quickly (pleasant surprise because my postman has a terrible track record). Check out my Instagram to find out where they’re from!735118643
  • Finally gave the birthday card I made away! I’m really quite proud of how it turned out..and that doesn’t happen often.
  • I finally got my piercing! More details about it HERE


Count your blessings!
Melissa xx Continue reading “Thankful Fridays: 10 May 2013”

Thankful Fridays: 10 May 2013