What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag

I’ve been wanting to post this for a while, then of course I procrastinated..but after seeing Felicia’s post, I got more inspired, so here goes!

When I travel, I like bringing make-up that doesn’t require brushes because 1)they are a hassle to store, 2)I don’t like using the same brush too many times without deep cleaning it in between, especially for liquid items like foundation and 3)it doesn’t make sense to lug around a brush cleaner when travelling. I prefer to travel with items I can apply with my fingers or disposable sponges.

Here’s what I brought on my recent trip to Seoul.

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What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag

Hong Kong Bound!

WOOHOO! I’ll be flying off to Hong Kong in a few hours!

Really looking forward to all the good food and shopping but not the flight though. I don’t have a fear of planes or heights or anything like that. I just find being stuck in a plane very uncomfortable (since I’m poor and am stuck in Economy..). I hate the recycled air in the plane that makes me skin super dry. Hopefully there’re no wailing babies on the plane.

Anyway, it’s funny, everyone has requested for me to help them buy the same thing..I hope I can find it and it fits in my luggage.

I’ll also be going to Macau, and I can’t wait to have Lord Stow egg tarts and the famous pork chop bun! Also planning to go visit some casinos. Since the only casinos I’ve seen are those in Vegas, I kinda want to see how those in other places look/feel like. I want to go to the Grand Lisboa and the Ruins of St Paul (Poetice Justice HAHAHA!). The last time I went at night so now I want to see it in the day.

Okay I’m really tired now goodnight.

Hong Kong Bound!

Korea 2010- Part 1

About 3 weeks ago, I visited Seoul. I LOVE IT!

Immediately after getting out of immigrations, I headed to the mart for Banana Milk!
Super yummy. In my 5 days there I had about 10 bottles of these. LOL

And I had Lee Seung Gi on my water!

The day after I got back to Singapore, I missed it already. Firstly I missed the cold weather since Singapore was like an oven, and I MISSED THE SHOPPING!  Things are are cheapcheapcheap! Bloody Etude House is half price over there! And they have lots more brands too!

More cosmetic shops with a bonus Yoona standee!

Shinee Hello Baby scenes! LOL

This is the same ahjumma!

We went to some Palace

Also went to Aiins World, which is a place where they have mini versions of  renowned landmarks of the world.


Mini Melts and Baskin Robins!

Learnt how to make Kimchi

And saw cherry blossoms!

My outlook about tour groups hasn’t changed. I hate following tour groups and will try not to as much as possible. I’m very much an explorer, and I like to try to find my way around. Maps will always be available from your hotel concierge! But my mom is always scared and worried, and she had already paid for the tour package in full when she told me so..didn’t have much of a choice. As expected, following the tour brought me to places that I’m not interested in because the whole time, in my mind, it was “I’d rather be shopping!”

There’re plus points though, it definitely made me see things I would have never intentionally set aside time to see if I had went myself. The tour also brought us to the Outlet Malls, which I would have never been able to find alone. Also, I made a new friend who was in the same tour group, and a Korean aquiantance! I told her I’d look for her if I were to go to Korea in the future and she was so happy to hear that and even gave me her email address when i only asked for her minihompy. (Y)

Korea 2010- Part 1

Cyprus 2009-2010

This is Cyprus

And this is where I lived for 3 weeks.

We were there for Christmas Eve Dinner,

Christmas Potluck Lunch,

New Year’s Eve Dinner,

Baby Maria’s Birthday,

And my sister’s second wedding reception for my brother-in-law’s relatives and family friends living in Greece and Cyprus.


 Cake cutting and first dance

Buffet, Bread and Cake

The band, the crowd and lots of greek dancing.

And this is how they count and bill drinks!

We drove the 4×4 up the mountains

And explored an old, abandoned mining site

We had lots of Greek souvlaki

And Cypriot beer

Scenery of Cyprus

Cyprus 2009-2010

Dubai 2009

Okay so in December 2009, my family and I had to go to Cyprus( details in next post), and we had to go via either Dubai or Greece, so we used that opportunity to visit Dubai.

This is the famed Burj Al Arab, which definitely looks much better in google images than in real life.

Yea, Dubai really has beautiful buildings. But they really all look much better in photos.

Dubai also loves its aquariums! The one on the left is only a pane of glass of the massive aquarium in the middle of the Atlantis Hotel, and the one on the right is the world’s largest single pane of plexiglass in the famed Dubai Mall. It’s really scarily HUGE, and i heard that some time ago it leaked.

The colors of Dubai. From left: the gold souk, a textile shop and a random mosque. Below: shoes!

This is really magnificent. It’s a ski slope, complete with chair lifts, in the middle of a shopping mall!

And this is an ice skating rink in the Dubai Mall! They’re crazy about ice.

This man is making sand jars! He is damn good at it! He can make images of camels and the changing colors of the desert IN the sand jar..like a painting! He can also make your name or whatever you want. Very amazing but sadly, I didn’t get a jar. Too expensive~! ):

And this is how they sell spices! So neat and pretty right!? Also, saffron is very cheap there.

That’s about all the photos..haha. For me, the trip to Dubai was very disappointing because I expected alot~! Seeing how all their buildings looks so amazing on the internet and seeing how dull they are in person made me really sad. Shopping there isn’t good either, everything is either the same price or more expensive than in Singapore so..I wouldn’t recommend going there just for a holiday. Maybe for a day or two just to experience it a little on the way to somewhere else would be enough.

Gonna end with a pretty sunset photo my bro-in-law took!

Dubai 2009

Dubai & Cyprus

i’m up at this hour because i still have to pack my luggage :/
my flight is 1am tomorrow.
i got bored packing and so i decided to research and here i am.

so, many people are like “i have no idea where that is” when they see/hear the word Cyprus..so here’s a map.
*excuse the win $100.00 here thingy.i got it from some random website.
click to enlarge..and Cyprus has been marked out with a red box by me.
it’s a little island in the mediterranean sea
for those who dont understand my unwillingness to be in Cyprus, here’s why

Kakopetria Village

this village is where im going to be living for like..11days!
it’s just like a mountain in china, except with different trees! blah.
and i cannot believe they dont have internet like ohmygod.
i mean, i know, i can take this chance to really appreciate nature and all it’s exotic-ness, and i do love nature.
it’s just that, this is just not the kind of place that i want to be right now..
i want to go to amsterdam, spain, moscow.. not some village.
but anyways, it might turn out quite alright..i hope.

im super excited about the DUBAI part. like, i love dubai i have wanted to go there for AGES.
downside: only 2 shortshortshort days!
im scared i dont have time to even visit sephora! i want to go to sephora! i need to get urban decay primer potion! and nars stuff!
ANDANDAND! my hotel has a Buddha Bar nearby!
totally have to check it out man..i’ve been to Prague and i haven’t been to its buddha bar, i’ve been to london more times than i want, and i haven’t been to its buddha bar too! so, Dubai buddha bar i MUSTTT go.

anyways, i’ll be staying at the JW Marriot in Dubai. it looks very blah from the outside but the lobby looks alright.
not grand but not that bad either so.

JW Marriot Dubai

JW Marriot Dubai- Lobby


Dubai & Cyprus