I’m Still Alive!

I know this space has been too quiet and I’ve missed 2 Thankful Fridays but it’s because my laptop crashed. I can post from the mobile app but I really prefer to do thought out stuff on a real keyboard..

I think my laptop is fixable and will be back soon so I will update all of my recent events really soon!

Melissa xx

I’m Still Alive!

My First Tattoo @ Vagabond Ink

On 3 February 2013, I got my first ever tattoo! It’s something I’ve been wanting to do since I was 16 and a few days ago, I decided that the time is right. I decided to go to Vagabond Ink because they’ve been on the back of my mind since my friend Jiayi got her tattoo done there a few years ago. I looked them up and found that I really liked their vibe too. Plus, location was very convenient for me and it was not dodgy.

I sent them an email with the rough idea of what I wanted, and they organised an artist (Emmeline) for me. Within two days, Ema came up with the rough sketch and I was happy with it. Then we made an appointment for the next day (today) to get it done. Everything might seem a little rushed and impulsive but trust me, I’ve wanted these designs for a longgg time.

Anyway, this was the shitty rough idea I sent to Ema: ShittyRough

So I arrived at the studio this morning, a little earlier than my 11am appointment. The studio was still closed and Ema was still on the way but even then, she was already asking how I am feeling and telling me to calm down. I told her I’d always shudder at the sound the tattoo needles make when I walk past parlors and how my main concern isn’t the pain but more of “what if i can’t deal with the pain once it starts then i will have like one line”. She began preparing all the tools and at the same time talked to me about random things, like telling me to tell her about myself, what I like etc. I knew it was a way to get my mind off the actual situation but it worked. And she even started singing and DAYYYUM that girl really can sing! It was soothing. I focused more on the music and less on the situation at hand. LOL

When she was about to start, she turned up the music so I would hear less of the bzzzzz from the needle and even asked if I’d like the music even louder. I can’t speak for other tattoo parlors cos obviously I’ve never been there but..I don’t think many people will be so considerate, right?

Then when she finally started I was like “….wtf? this was what I was so worried about?”. It wasn’t even painful at all! I mean, you do feel something but it’s really..it feels like a massage contraption. I almost fell alseep..it was actually quite soothing and nice. I can name so many things that hurt more than that. Like mouth ulcers, paper cuts, overly pushed in cuticles, accidentally scraping your gums with a sharp food, piercings.. really, the list is endless. I was actually still thinking that it’s too good to be true and maybe she’s saving the parts that hurt the most for the last but it never came and suddenly she said “We are done.”. I asked her if she was kidding. I told her it hurts less than pushing your fingernail into your skin and she said she’s never heard it described that way. But seriously, even I was surprised. . Before I went in I was expecting that I will have to bite my fingers to stop myself from screaming or that I would tear from the pain. The sadistic part in me even tried telling my brain “it hurts” when she was shading, but nope..still not painful.

Here’s the final, detailed view and also Ema’s rough sketch: FinalTattoo

From my shitty rough done in Microsoft PAINT, Ema did this amazing stuff. I’m SO EXTREMELY HAPPY with it. Like a proud parent..LOL

Anyway I think whether it hurts or not is also due to the skill of your tattooist? So Ema is very very very good. AND the studio is very clean and comfortable and not dingy old dodgy stuff.

Check out Vagabond Ink HERE or visit in person @333 Kreta Ayer Road #01-19, or contact Ema directly at: littleblackfeather@gmail.com

I can’t wait for my coloring appointment next month!! (Y)(Y)(Y)

Forgot to mention that Jiayi @ http://hawtvintage.blogspot.com was the one who brought this amazing place to my attention. THANKS BABE!

My First Tattoo @ Vagabond Ink

You Can’t Win – Kelly Clarkson

I have drafted a super long post but can’t post it yet, so I thought I’d share these lyrics first..I think these lyrics..are absolutely true. Maybe we should all just be a little less judgemental and learn to respect that everyone is fighting their own respective battles..

If you go
They say you’re following
If you don’t
Then you’re too good for them
If you smile
You must be ignorant
If you don’t – what’s your problem?
If you`re down – so ungrateful
And if you’re happy – why so selfish?
And you can’t win, no
You can’t win, no
The one who doesn’t quite fit in
Under your skin, oh
A walking disaster
Everytime you try to fly you end up falling out of line
Oh, you can’t
You can’t win, no
If you’re thin
Poor little walking disease
If you’re not
They’re all screaming obese
If you’re straight
why aren’t you married yet?
If you’re gay why aren’t you waving a flag?
If it’s wrong, you’re nailing it
If it’s right, you always miss
You can’t win, no
You can’t win, no
The one who doesn’t quite fit in

[From: http://www.metrolyrics.com ]
Song can be bought HERE

You Can’t Win – Kelly Clarkson

2ne1 New Evolution

Just a short recount of my 2ne1 New Evolution experience!

This concert is the first concert where I attended the sound check session.. so our day started out really early. Went to the SIS and we were so lost..I’ve also never attended a concert at the SIS on mosh pit level so I had no idea where the entrance was. Luckily I had a friend who had some kind of a clue so we got to the queue safely. We took our time and had no intention of being the first in line because it was our intention to stand at the back to prevent being squashed, so by the time we got to the queue it was like..whoa.

We waiting for quite a while..then finally got tagged and allowed in and it finally started! I saw 2ne1 in the flesh for the very first time in my life! Gosh they have too much swag..too much! The sound check session was quite expensive, $91 to hear 3 songs, but it was worth it. I mean, it’s not like I will spend this kind of money on just anyone. Of course, I waved my Bom corn board and I’m sure she saw it..hahaha~

After the sound check we braved the rain to buy some merchandise (lightstick + shirt), and I’m glad we did because after that it got SOLD OUT! Imagine if you were only going to attend the 7pm concert and when you arrive NONE of the merchandise are available anymore..very saddening.

Then we went for lunch and returned a few hours later for the actual concert. All I can say about the concert is WOW. WOW WOW WOW THANK HEAVENS I WENT. The stage was awesome and the girls were awesome! They even gave us and encore after encore because the Singapore 2ne1 fan club planned a surprise..to sing “Please Don’t Go” after the encore, and it happened. We sang, they heard us, they came out again and sang us another song! 


I will go see them in Korea some day soon. SOON! I WILL! LET’S GO NOLZA!

2ne1 New Evolution

3 April 2012

Hello Earthians!

I’m sooooo happy today because MY FRIEND IS HERE! She’s on a work trip from the Google HQ but of course i get to see her! YAY! I might get a photo with her and post it up soon but to cut the long story short, i met her when i was interning at a hotel. She was my Duty Manager and at first, we didn’t get along. However after i got to know her better we helped each other through the shitty times. I haven’t seen her in a YEAR so i am extremely excited woohoo!

So anyways, back to the routine things..i didn’t do much today. Woke up at 5pm cos i only managed to fall asleep at 7am due to this damned mozzie that all deserve to DIE. Went out for dinner at Empire Cafe with my mom then i had an Ah Teng’s Bakery scone as dessert. Double clotted cream yums. Everyone NEEDS to try out Empire Cafe’s crayfish horfun! Or if you dont like crayfish, ask for beef horfun (secret menu item). It’s like, my favourite horfun ever! Went to get mosquito repellents after.

Also i went into Papermarket and instantly regretted it. SO MANY PRETTY THINGS! I HAVE to go get stuff when i have $. I loitered in the shop for so long and putting my self-control to the ultimate test by not buying anything! My mom rushed me out of the shop cos she wanted to go home already that might have helped a little. I also want to get one of those kutsuwa eraser making kit soon. But first i need to source where i can get polymer clay at the lowest price.

Goodness so many of life’s problems would be solved and non-existent if i had lots of money. If only.

3 April 2012

19th Birthday Universal Studios Singapore! (Part 1)

yes this post is finally here.
so on my 19th birthday,that’s about 3 weeks ago, Peace, Yawen and I went to USS !
it’s actually kinda disappointing because it is super duper small! but we had fun so wells.
i realised that actually i don’t have many photos so everyone should head over to Yawen’s blog post about it. Click Here

We arrived bright an early in the morning so that we could spend the whole day there. It was raining when we arrived but we predicted it would stop soon so we went into Hershey’s Chocolate World and had a ball!

My favourite Reese’s Peanut Buttercups are finally in Singapore! There’re also chocolate chips in “Cinnamon” and “Premium White” etc! Those are new too!

Hershey’s Kisses in a cute jar and a giant Kiss that you can store your Kisses in!

Shrek’s Swamp

With Puss! the one and only mascot we saw that day.

We went Far Far Away. lol.

Okay I’m just not going to ramble here. I’ll post all the photos i have in the next post.
Overall, my favourite ride would be the Jurrassic Park water raft ride..everyone should definitely try it! Suprises included! haha. :X

Ya really no mood to blog. Check out Yawen’s blog post as linked!

19th Birthday Universal Studios Singapore! (Part 1)