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Recently I’ve been feeling more and more like I don’t really belong here.. I feel like I’m from another plane of existence, maybe even another planet.

I’m getting increasingly confused and pissed off by the things people do. I cannot find a reason for their behavior, and when I discuss with my brain in hopes of getting an explanation, it just seems to be an infinite loop. I cannot find conclusions. Why people do what they do, what made them do it, how they convinced themselves to do it, and what they had hoped to achieve by doing what they did. Like when people insist on squeezing into an already packed bus, end up being stuck at the door and making it impossible for the driver to close the doors and in turn wasting everyone’s(themselves included) time. What is achieved with such behavior? Why not just wait for the next bus? Same goes for lifts.

Why not let other people out of the lifts (and trains too!) first before jostling in? 1) If you let people out first, that means more space for you to be in 2) The lift isn’t going anywhere if the people already inside haven’t gotten out! What will that few seconds of getting into the carriage first, before letting people out, do for them? What would it do for everyone? NOTHING! How does it make squishing and squashing worth it? Why do people do it?!

Also my laughing and crying points are really different from most people I know. Say, someone tells a joke and everyone bursts out laughing except me. It’s not that I don’t get the joke, it’s just I don’t find it funny. And like when I watched A Walk to Remember, most people say that the scene where Jamie told Landon she had leukemia made them cry. I didn’t shed a tear. I actually cried more when I watched The Princess Diaries 1&2 than A Walk to Remember. Yea.

There’s so much more that makes me feel like I just don’t belong here but I must get to finding my mothership.


Saturday Continued

Continued from this post.

After eating we went to Bugis Street and braved the crowd because the crazy friend wanted to buy a new bumper for her phone. Ended up finding one she liked in the very first shop we went into so we wasted no time escaping the area. Window-shopped in Bugis Junction and guess who I saw!


TAADAAH!! With her own little section there, looking all pretty and flawless. Randomly seeing this in Watsons totally made my day. Also, I first posted this photo on Instagram, and it has since been re-posted by RBKD and Sam Ong! So happy! Cheap thrills LOL.

So after eating so much meat for lunch I wasn’t really hungry at dinner time, but I still had to eat with my mom so I picked somewhere that will have light food too.


There aren’t many “safe”(not crazily crowded) places to go on a Saturday night so we ended up having dinner at Eat@Taipei. They were quite understaffed and the few staff on hand weren’t very attentive so everything was quite slow except the serving of the food. Nobody seemed to be available to take our order. But anyway, the bottom line is, the food is bad. Everything was super salty. I thought I was being overly critical because I wasn’t hungry, but my mom also agreed that it was bad. The milk tea was good though but not unique. There are other places that serve equivalent and better milk tea. So, I won’t be going back.

I watched Inception (yes 3 years after its release I’m slow whatever). I had a tea egg for supper. I love tea eggs! That is all.
Melissa xx

Saturday Continued

Why I Boycott TBS

*Very wordy post alert*

A lot of people get confused when I say I boycott TBS (if you know what this stands for, good for you. If you don’t, think about it it’s not rocket science). People think I’m some sort of activist, lunatic or hypocrite depending on which angle you’re looking at it from. I thought that I should clarify that I am none of the above.

I’m definitely not a goody-two-shoes on an organic, vegan diet; who doesn’t use leather or fur goods, who doesn’t use anything that is tested on animals etc. That being said, I really am against the fur trade simply because I find it repulsive that the fur was ripped off an animal when it was still alive and then the animal is left to bleed to death. I take the same stand against the shark’s fin trade. But those are besides the point right now.

Basically, I DO, regrettably, use some things that have been tested on animals, simply because whether you like it or not, the entire world is somehow monopolized by those few giant companies and it’s near impossible to avoid it completely. Here’s a visual guide.


For now let’s zoom in on Nestle. On the cosmetics front, they own L’Oreal. Without a doubt a cosmetic giant and also, a company who openly states that they do test on animals. It’s on their website if you don’t believe me. And then look at who lies under L’Oreal. One of them is TBS.


Yes, that TBS who audaciously claim to have “cruelty-free” cosmetics, who have little bunny stickers on their window claiming to be “against animal testing”. Sure, I do try to look for cruelty-free alternatives to products I use, but I still use random stuff from Etude House, The Face Shop, Chanel, you get my drift. The fact is that I am not incredibly stringent with things that I purchase. Of course I eat Kit Kat bars and drink Nestle beverages.

But I am rigidly opposed to TBS because they are such liars. Openly marketing “cruelty-free” make-up is obviously misleading to majority of consumers who are clueless as to which company they belong to. I find it an exploitation of the general public’s ignorance, and although it’s not their fault if people don’t know their company details, it’s still an extremely unethical and despicable thing to do. What do they mean that they don’t test on animals when they are owned by L’Oreal? The only reason why they are certified “not tested on animals” by Peta is because they do not need to use TBS brand to conduct their tests, they can simply test under L’Oreal!

If you’re wondering what’s the big deal about animal testing, I suggest you read this post I did when I was writing for the LUSH blog. It will be a novel if i talked about that here. Watch the videos embedded in the post. Realize that “animal testing” does not mean just rubbing eyeshadow or lipstick on a bunny. Most times the ingredients are injected into the eyes of the animals, some tests require it to be done until the animal dies to determine the maximum concentration. It’s very saddening, consider this a warning before watching the videos. It’s even more heartbreaking because it’s completely unnecessary. If animal testing were really reliable and accurate, why do people still get break-outs, hives, dandruff, hair fall when they use a foundation, shampoo, lipstick that “doesn’t suit” them? Yes some people act like neanderthals, but at the end of the day, man, bunnies and lab rats are different things, therefore will have different reactions.

“With great power comes great responsibility”. TBS have great power (L’Oreal does, at least..TBS is flailing), but they are using it to deceive people. I just cannot tolerate that. Seriously who are they to be saying “beauty with heart” when they don’t even have any themselves?

I suggest you also make a stand to stop being treated like an idiot, and take your money elsewhere. 🙂
Melissa xx

Why I Boycott TBS


I get really flustered when people ask me “how are you doing?”, “what’s up?” and anything along those lines..

Because I really can’t tell if they are asking for formality’s sake or if they are really interested. I don’t know how to reply.. if they were just asking to be courteous but I told them honestly how I’m doing in detail, it’ll probably bore them and make me seem self-indulgent. But if they were really interested yet I replied with the standard “I’m fine”, it would make me seem uninterested, right?

So here’s an open call to everyone. If you aren’t really interested to know how I’m doing in detail, please spare me and don’t even ask. Just a simple hello when we meet would suffice.

Spare me the formalities cos I really don’t like dealing with that. Say what you mean and mean what you say and we can be great. And if you are really interested to know, feel free to ask but please don’t be surprised when I tell you a long, detailed story of exactly how I’m doing.

Thank you~


5 Feb 2013

Do you know what I hate?

I hate people who use the power of majority. To prove themselves right, to define a person, to “win” an argument etc. I hate it when people say “xx and yy AND zz all think you are like thisthatwhatever, so you should reflect on it etcwtf”. I hate it when people use these kinda shit reasons to define someone or something. “Everyone thinks this is it must be bad.” HELLO? What logic is that? It just goes to show how much of a sheep you are. You have no opinions of your own and/or you are too much of a fucking coward to have/express them. You merely follow the crowd and claim that majority opinion as “right” because “everyone” thinks so.

Yes of course it can be that you DO have your own opinion but it just so happens to be what “everyone” also thinks, but that still doesn’t mean that it is right, or that it is the only. It doesn’t mean that you can use that to define and put someone down just because “everyone thinks so”. I don’t think it speaks very well of yourself when you tell someone “abc and efg and countless other people have already left you, reflect on your behaviour before xyz and etc leave you also cos they can’t stand you.”

It’s like, F YOU. Especially if you don’t even know that person personally. Who are you to judge?

And yes it can go the other way also. Like “everyone says this laksa/bubble tea/whatever is really good, so it must be good!” and if someone disagrees they are “wrong” ?!!? YOU should try everything for YOURSELF and form your OWN opinion of it, don’t just take “everyone’s opinion” as a benchmark.

Just because “everyone” is echoing the same thing does not necessarily make it TRUE. 

5 Feb 2013