Korea 2010- Part 2

All photos in Part 2 credits to Rachel Chiang. Thanks girl! 😉

Korea 2010- Part 2

Cyprus 2009-2010

This is Cyprus

And this is where I lived for 3 weeks.

We were there for Christmas Eve Dinner,

Christmas Potluck Lunch,

New Year’s Eve Dinner,

Baby Maria’s Birthday,

And my sister’s second wedding reception for my brother-in-law’s relatives and family friends living in Greece and Cyprus.


 Cake cutting and first dance

Buffet, Bread and Cake

The band, the crowd and lots of greek dancing.

And this is how they count and bill drinks!

We drove the 4×4 up the mountains

And explored an old, abandoned mining site

We had lots of Greek souvlaki

And Cypriot beer

Scenery of Cyprus

Cyprus 2009-2010