Saturday Continued

Continued from this post.

After eating we went to Bugis Street and braved the crowd because the crazy friend wanted to buy a new bumper for her phone. Ended up finding one she liked in the very first shop we went into so we wasted no time escaping the area. Window-shopped in Bugis Junction and guess who I saw!


TAADAAH!! With her own little section there, looking all pretty and flawless. Randomly seeing this in Watsons totally made my day. Also, I first posted this photo on Instagram, and it has since been re-posted by RBKD and Sam Ong! So happy! Cheap thrills LOL.

So after eating so much meat for lunch I wasn’t really hungry at dinner time, but I still had to eat with my mom so I picked somewhere that will have light food too.


There aren’t many “safe”(not crazily crowded) places to go on a Saturday night so we ended up having dinner at Eat@Taipei. They were quite understaffed and the few staff on hand weren’t very attentive so everything was quite slow except the serving of the food. Nobody seemed to be available to take our order. But anyway, the bottom line is, the food is bad. Everything was super salty. I thought I was being overly critical because I wasn’t hungry, but my mom also agreed that it was bad. The milk tea was good though but not unique. There are other places that serve equivalent and better milk tea. So, I won’t be going back.

I watched Inception (yes 3 years after its release I’m slow whatever). I had a tea egg for supper. I love tea eggs! That is all.
Melissa xx

Saturday Continued