Bowling with RBKD

About a month ago I was asked to help with organizing a Bridging Activity. I was really excited, but because this was the first time I’ve ever organised anything for RBKD, I felt really pressured as well.

I was so stressed out because I wanted everyone to have a really good time, and my imagination is really weird so I had really graphic thoughts. I didn’t want anyone to get hurt or injured and there was a moment in there where I actually couldn’t breathe. But luckily I had a really nice mentor who listened to and subdued my worries.

So after planning and quite a few hiccups along the way, it was finally D-DAY. The day of the Bowling Bridging Activity.

It was really fun. I love the playing method whereby it wasn’t the usual one person to a 10 frame game. We played, in all essence of the word, randomly. We took turns to throw once each and in the end it was more of having fun together as a team instead of gunning for an individual final score. It’s really difficult to explain (see! if you joined us you’d know! :p). I guess the best way to describe it is organized chaos. This really paved the way for natural interaction. We talked and laughed a lot. It was definitely not as awkward as I thought it  might be. Props to whoever came up with this idea! I love that the Teamwork that RBKD is all about was brought out so clearly.

I also met many new people who loved RE, and I definitely hope that I will be seeing more of them in the future.

All in all, I enjoyed myself thoroughly and all the preparation work was well worth it!

Note: This was written on 16 Dec 2013, but I wanted to put it up only after it got up on the RBKD blog, and then when it was put up there I was so busy, so this is up on here only now.

Bowling with RBKD

Review: Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Black Head Out Balm

With the upcoming opening of Innisfree in Singapore, I thought I should share about an item I bought on my recent trip to Seoul so that everyone here can include it in their shopping list when heading to the store! You can already tell I recommend this product. LOL.

Well, Innisfree products generally can be trusted to do the job since it belongs to the same owner as Sulhwasoo and HERA (and more) which have highly raved products.


So basically, this is a balm you use before you wash your face. You take a little (or a lot, depending on how big the area you want to apply it on is) on your fingers, then rub it into the areas where you have blackheads. I don’t have too bad blackheads, but I get clogged pores really easily have this has really helped to clear it out.

Don’t rush this process..really take the time to rub it in, on your blackheads, white-heads & clogged pores. Then, what I like to do is go do something else for a few minutes so the balm can get “absorbed” a  bit more, then I use one of those pimple removers and scrape along all the areas where I applied the balm. Everything just slides out, no kidding. Then, wash your face and do your thing.

For really old/deep impurities you might only get it to slide out after a few times of application and scraping. I’ve been using this product once a week and it really makes my pores feel so clean.

I also like doing a soothing mask whenever I clear out my pores because I feel that it helps to calm the skin and the mask gets absorbed easier since there’s no more gunk in my pores to interfere!

I got this in Seoul for around 5000KRW and I hope the mark up won’t be too high in the Singapore store! If you can’t wait to try this out, you can also try getting it on Gmarket.

Innisfree Singapore will be at Takashimaya B2.

Review: Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Black Head Out Balm

What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag

I’ve been wanting to post this for a while, then of course I procrastinated..but after seeing Felicia’s post, I got more inspired, so here goes!

When I travel, I like bringing make-up that doesn’t require brushes because 1)they are a hassle to store, 2)I don’t like using the same brush too many times without deep cleaning it in between, especially for liquid items like foundation and 3)it doesn’t make sense to lug around a brush cleaner when travelling. I prefer to travel with items I can apply with my fingers or disposable sponges.

Here’s what I brought on my recent trip to Seoul.

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What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag

Review: Snail Slime Skincare

I bought this Snail Solution  from Nature Republic on my recent trip to Seoul. Snail slime is supposed to be good if you have sensitive , easily inflamed skin. I have very sensitive skin and always get red patches when I wash my face after waking up, so I decided to give it a go.


I really like the way Koreans package their can just tell that they’ve put some effort into it and it’s not all haphazard. Anyways, this is what the set I bought looks like on the outside. You can choose to get the products individually if you do not want the whole set or want them in bigger sizes.


And when you open it up, you’ll see three different products and a spatula for the tub of snail cream. The Cream is full size, the other two is sold in bigger sizes individually. I don’t use the spatula, since I only ever go into the jar with clean fingers and using the spatula is one more thing to wash and keep clean.


Here are the names of the products up close. I was told by the salesperson to use the Booster first, secondly the Cream, then lastly the Emulsion so that’s what I’ve been doing. Since I started using this set of products, I no longer wake up with tight, dry and flaky skin, and my skin didn’t have red patches after I washed it. I could feel that my skin has been hydrated and the hydration has been “locked in” to my skin instead of being lost to the evil air-conditioner which I cannot live without.

I’ve been using these three products (nothing else except for my eye cream) for about 10 days now, and seriously, I totally recommend it to anyone who has sensitive skin, dry patches, red/inflamed skin issues. I’ve only been using it for 10 days and yet I already see the benefits! And actually, the morning after the first time I used it, I’ve already seen the amazing effect, so I’m really confident that this will definitely help my skin a lot more in the long run.

This set retails for 69,000KRW in the city shops, but I got it cheaper at the airport AND they were having a Buy 1 Get 1 promo so it was absolutely worth it. Even without any promotions I find that it’s pretty reasonable for something that works so well. If you have friends in Korea right now, get them to check it out for you! Or else, you can also get these products on Gmarket.


Product: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Repurchase?: YES

Cheers to our lovely helpful Snail friends!
Melissa xx

Review: Snail Slime Skincare

Hong Kong Bound!

WOOHOO! I’ll be flying off to Hong Kong in a few hours!

Really looking forward to all the good food and shopping but not the flight though. I don’t have a fear of planes or heights or anything like that. I just find being stuck in a plane very uncomfortable (since I’m poor and am stuck in Economy..). I hate the recycled air in the plane that makes me skin super dry. Hopefully there’re no wailing babies on the plane.

Anyway, it’s funny, everyone has requested for me to help them buy the same thing..I hope I can find it and it fits in my luggage.

I’ll also be going to Macau, and I can’t wait to have Lord Stow egg tarts and the famous pork chop bun! Also planning to go visit some casinos. Since the only casinos I’ve seen are those in Vegas, I kinda want to see how those in other places look/feel like. I want to go to the Grand Lisboa and the Ruins of St Paul (Poetice Justice HAHAHA!). The last time I went at night so now I want to see it in the day.

Okay I’m really tired now goodnight.

Hong Kong Bound!

My New Guitar!

As the title says, I bought myself a new guitar! It’s a low range acoustic guitar. I didn’t need one that’s too good (read: expensive), because I am an absolute newbie! I have ZERO idea how to play. It’s a matte black Fina and it looks really good! I couldn’t get a picture of it that justified how good it looks though but basically it’s true to that colour you see in the image below.


My friend, who is self-taught and super awesome, helped to pick this one out for me. She’s also very generously teaching me how to play! I’ve been practising daily. Fingertips don’t feel as painful as they did on the first day now, but I still can’t manage the get the chords spot on GRRR. Need to practise more!!!

Abruptly, goodbye.

My New Guitar!