Laptop Revival

So about 10 days ago my laptop decided to go all Windows blue screen on me just as I was trying to draft my post about the RBKD Orientation.

Luckily, my brother in law is some sort of a geek, so I sent my laptop to his place and he managed to get it running again. I just got it back yesterday, and I’ve missed a few Thankful Fridays.

I have many events to catch up and write about. I will try to get them up quickly so stay tuned!

PS: Alchemy Light has brought to my attention that the Moon’s energy is really strong tonight so it’s a really good time to charge your crystals, especially the Moonstone! 😀

Laptop Revival

I’m Still Alive!

I know this space has been too quiet and I’ve missed 2 Thankful Fridays but it’s because my laptop crashed. I can post from the mobile app but I really prefer to do thought out stuff on a real keyboard..

I think my laptop is fixable and will be back soon so I will update all of my recent events really soon!

Melissa xx

I’m Still Alive!

Thankful Fridays: 31 May 2013

This week I am thankful that:

  • Tried Pete’s Place for the first time (yea very slow hahaha).
  • I caught Fast and Furious 6! I felt the movie was just mediocre but Vin Diesel is hot! And I liked that it was totally spontaneous. Like, we booked tickets for a midnight show at 10+pm and just went
  • I went for a chill-out session with my fellow Rangels! We just walked and talked and enjoyed how beautiful Singapore is. I really like this IPC for some felt like I had more time to talk to everyone.
  • Finally met up with my bestie for supper!

I am so excited for this Saturday afternoon!

Thankful Fridays: 31 May 2013