BonChon Saturday

Today I met my crazy friend Yawen for lunch. Crazy because she just came back from Korea and chose to eat at Bon Chon when there must have been loads of cheaper and better ones in Korea.

Nevertheless, this is what we ate.


Yea..we’re monsters. We ordered the Large combo. It includes 14 pieces of wings/drumlets and 6 pieces of drumsticks and 2 sides of your choice. Honestly it was because on the menu it says “14 wings + 6 drums”, so we thought it really meant wings and drumlets. But nope. Anyway we did manage to finish most of it. Had 4 pieces leftover which we took-away for dinner. LOL.

The chicken was good, but the sides were terrible. Probably the worst kimchi I’ve ever had in my entire life. And the coleslaw tasted like it was about to go bad. Not good. Next time I will just order the wings on their own. Don’t bother with the sides. We didn’t have drinks either, because we’d already planned on having Blackball!


Blackball is good, but it is overrated and over-hyped. And because of the hype, everyone goes in and expects that it will be super amazing, but really, it’s not. It’s just a regular dessert place, that serves above average grass jelly and sweet potato balls. It is good, but it is not that amazing. Tame your expectations before you get disappointed.

I shall continue today’s adventures on the next post. Keep a look out for it! There will be more food in it 😀
Melissa xx

BonChon Saturday

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