My First TCM Cupping Experience

I decided to venture into the Cupping therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine because my back has been killing me for the longest time, and nothing else I’ve done seemed to be helping. I heard lots of good things about the effects of cupping and decided I had nothing to lose.

So when I chanced upon a new TCM place that had just opened at my nearest mall, I jumped at it. It was very straightforward. I discovered it yesterday night, and made and appointment to go today kinda straightforward.


The treatment itself was quick. It only took about 20 minutes. The therapist first put a cup on, and used it to “massage” the back by sliding the vacuumed-cup over the whole back. This part hurt the most, it felt like my muscles were being pulled away from my bones to the surface of the skin. It feels like someone is pressing on you with their whole body weight on their elbows. Part of why it hurt so much is because it’s a slow movement down your back. I’d actually describe this pain level as more than both my tattoos and a cartilage piercing combined together. I’ve deduced that the more tense your muscles are to start with, the more it will hurt. Mine hurt like a bitch!

After this, the therapist proceeded to put on the vacuum cups on the different points of the back. This process is less painful than the sliding but still hurts. This feels like your skin is being pinched and you feel like there’s a heavy weight on your back. But it’s much more bearable than the sliding. If you’re trying it for the first time and are concerned about the pain, you can opt to not receive the sliding treatment.

Immediately after the session, I already felt significantly less aching in my back and despite the pain I will get it done again. So if you’ve had any muscle aches that refuse to go away, you can consider cupping. I would recommend the place I went to, because after the treatment it was just pay up and go. No pesky hard-selling telling you that you have a million other ailments and maybe you should sign up for a package etc. The place was clean, staff were helpful, prices are reasonable and everything went smoothly. Done deal.

Tang Shan TCM & Massage:
Vivo City #B2-12; 6376 8236
Blk 86 Marine Parade Central #01-670; 6348 5983
City Square Mall #B2-42/43; 6509 6398

My First TCM Cupping Experience

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