I ♥ Din Tai Fung

While having dinner with my mother at Din Tai Fung, it suddenly hit me that I have never expressed just how much I love that place before. I really need to pop them an e-mail soon. It feels a little like I’ve been taking them for granted. I’ve probably dined at DTF more than a hundred times; ever since they opened in Singapore, I eat there at the very least twice a month. I actually think the average is once a week. And out of so many times, they still haven’t done anything to piss me off. That is really no easy feat.


Yes there is almost always at queue at DTF, but if you pick the correct branch for your chosen time, there are ways to avoid the crowd. The food can be a little inconsistent, but it has never been so off that the food is bad. When the restaurant is busy the food might take a little longer to be served, but it’s always accurate. Even when the restaurant is swamped, I have never gotten any food that I had to send back; trust me on this, I don’t hesitate to when I have to. I have no tolerance for awful food.

And even though they are perpetually busy, I have never once experienced or witnessed rude or uninterested service. They’re always friendly and attentive, and what impresses me the most is that I have never seen a “manager” or a “supervisor” running on the floor, instructing the staff what to do. They all know very well their individual tasks and act upon it with their own initiative. There’s a lot of teamwork; nobody has to tell anybody else what to do (other than if a table requests for a tea refill to the hostess), and I really admire that. I know exactly how difficult that is to achieve because I’ve been a waitress before.

All in all, DTF is definitely one of my top choices when I just want comforting, fuss-free food. Most of the time I don’t get stuck in a long wait because I am already familiar with it enough to know which branch to go to at which days of the week & time of the day. However, it is also one of the very few places I would wait in line for if I have to, because it’s definitely worth it.

So kudos to you, Breadtalk group! Your other brands like Toastbox and Carl’s Jr. needs more polishing (maybe you should have Taster Food manage them as well) but please keep it up with DTF! I LOVE DIN TAI FUNG!!!

Go to your nearest DTF and have a feast today! You’re welcome. 🙂
For a list of Din Tai Fung branches click HERE

Melissa xx

I ♥ Din Tai Fung

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