Why I Boycott TBS

*Very wordy post alert*

A lot of people get confused when I say I boycott TBS (if you know what this stands for, good for you. If you don’t, think about it it’s not rocket science). People think I’m some sort of activist, lunatic or hypocrite depending on which angle you’re looking at it from. I thought that I should clarify that I am none of the above.

I’m definitely not a goody-two-shoes on an organic, vegan diet; who doesn’t use leather or fur goods, who doesn’t use anything that is tested on animals etc. That being said, I really am against the fur trade simply because I find it repulsive that the fur was ripped off an animal when it was still alive and then the animal is left to bleed to death. I take the same stand against the shark’s fin trade. But those are besides the point right now.

Basically, I DO, regrettably, use some things that have been tested on animals, simply because whether you like it or not, the entire world is somehow monopolized by those few giant companies and it’s near impossible to avoid it completely. Here’s a visual guide.


For now let’s zoom in on Nestle. On the cosmetics front, they own L’Oreal. Without a doubt a cosmetic giant and also, a company who openly states that they do test on animals. It’s on their website if you don’t believe me. And then look at who lies under L’Oreal. One of them is TBS.


Yes, that TBS who audaciously claim to have “cruelty-free” cosmetics, who have little bunny stickers on their window claiming to be “against animal testing”. Sure, I do try to look for cruelty-free alternatives to products I use, but I still use random stuff from Etude House, The Face Shop, Chanel, you get my drift. The fact is that I am not incredibly stringent with things that I purchase. Of course I eat Kit Kat bars and drink Nestle beverages.

But I am rigidly opposed to TBS because they are such liars. Openly marketing “cruelty-free” make-up is obviously misleading to majority of consumers who are clueless as to which company they belong to. I find it an exploitation of the general public’s ignorance, and although it’s not their fault if people don’t know their company details, it’s still an extremely unethical and despicable thing to do. What do they mean that they don’t test on animals when they are owned by L’Oreal? The only reason why they are certified “not tested on animals” by Peta is because they do not need to use TBS brand to conduct their tests, they can simply test under L’Oreal!

If you’re wondering what’s the big deal about animal testing, I suggest you read this post I did when I was writing for the LUSH blog. It will be a novel if i talked about that here. Watch the videos embedded in the post. Realize that “animal testing” does not mean just rubbing eyeshadow or lipstick on a bunny. Most times the ingredients are injected into the eyes of the animals, some tests require it to be done until the animal dies to determine the maximum concentration. It’s very saddening, consider this a warning before watching the videos. It’s even more heartbreaking because it’s completely unnecessary. If animal testing were really reliable and accurate, why do people still get break-outs, hives, dandruff, hair fall when they use a foundation, shampoo, lipstick that “doesn’t suit” them? Yes some people act like neanderthals, but at the end of the day, man, bunnies and lab rats are different things, therefore will have different reactions.

“With great power comes great responsibility”. TBS have great power (L’Oreal does, at least..TBS is flailing), but they are using it to deceive people. I just cannot tolerate that. Seriously who are they to be saying “beauty with heart” when they don’t even have any themselves?

I suggest you also make a stand to stop being treated like an idiot, and take your money elsewhere. 🙂
Melissa xx

Why I Boycott TBS

One thought on “Why I Boycott TBS

  1. […] I helped Lush Singapore in their Guinness World Record attempt. They are trying to raise awareness of the cruelty that’s involved in cosmetic testing and how LUSH does not test on animals and also do not condone it or support it in any way. All of the ingredients used at LUSH are purchased from sellers who do not test their raw ingredients on animals, unlike some other brands who claim to be cruelty-free yet have their raw materials tested on animals behind the façade. […]

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