New Piercing!

I realised I should try to write more in between Thankful Friday posts. So here is one about my new piercing! This is actually my 2nd ever cartilage piercing; my first one was on my nose.

Well I got my nose piercing when I was young and a little crazy. This time, I went to a proper piercer. I had a chat with the piercer with a few locations in consideration, and I told him that I wanted to do the most painful one out of all the placements first. So he suggested the snug, and that’s where I got pierced! Here’s a guide as to what a snug piercing is in case you were wondering.


I’m really happy with how it turned out and have already decided on my next one! Will probably get that next month. Pain wise, it hurt more than both my tattoos put together. It’s the kind of pain you really feel and kinda have to breathe it out. But it was still very bearable. It didn’t even hurt enough to trigger tear ducts and all. And yes, I absolutely went in thinking I would tear from it. It might have been skill on the piercer’s part, because I’ve heard of people who said it hurt like a bitch.

So if anyone is looking to get a piercing, done safely and with super bearable pain by a skilled piercer, go to Rise Above at Far East Plaza #04-67, and the piercer is called Aidil. Or you can call Aidil at 90478348.

On a random but not very separate note, read about my experiences at Vagabond Ink HERE and HERE!

Don’t go to dingy old places to get your piercings and tattoos!!
Melissa xx

New Piercing!

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