On my previous Thankful Friday post, I talked about how I’m thankful I met someone who made me want to try harder to be positive, and now I feel like elaborating on it.

This post is titled Phoenix because that’s the situation we met in. Well it wasn’t the first time we met, but it was the first time we talked proper. And come to think of it, she does remind me of a Phoenix. You know how Phoenixes grow old, burst into flames, then rise from the ashes and become a new bird again? She reminds me of that, because in the short conversation we had, I’m sure I only had a sneak peek into the first page of her encyclopedia of assholes and crappy experiences. I’m sure she has experienced so much more which I haven’t had the chance to hear about, yet she is able to stay so damn positive. Her positivity is so true that it infects you. She’s not pretending to be positive; when I heard her talk, I could sense that she honestly believed in it, and I could feel it. Her optimism reverberated through my bones.

When she spoke, even though it wasn’t an immediate eureka “I am so lucky” moment, the first thought that came to my mind was “this person is some sort of does she stay so cheerful?”. Then I just got engrossed in hearing about her experiences.

The next day I thought about what happened. Then I felt something like a paradigm shift. I thought about how, if she has gone through SO much crap, met so many assholes and yet can still have so much faith in humanity, I don’t even have a right to be complaining about my life. Like, I’m sure the amount of idiots I’ve come across don’t even add up to a tenth of hers. My life is already pretty darn amazing.


So ever since, I’ve been less jaded, and everyday I wake up feeling like something wonderful is about to happen. I remember my horseshoe and clovers and remember I am lucky.

Isn’t it just so miraculous? Where sometimes you randomly meet strangers and they have the ability to make such a difference in your life?

Thank you, you. 🙂
Melissa xx


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