Thankful Fridays: 5 Apr 2013

This week I am thankful that:

  • It’s April! April is my favourite month not just because it’s my birth month
  • I was able to catch a few games at the SRC Softball Carnival. We haven’t been there in years cos we’ve all been so busy!
  • my air-conditioner is working, because it has been insanely hot
  • my laptop is working; I need it every minute of my day because I have a very important task to achieve
  • we have the ability to do more and change the results, even though it hasn’t been looking rosy for us
  • only 15 days left to go

So anyways, I’ve realised that ever since I started doing Thankful Fridays (which isn’t that long ago), I have really become a happier person in general. Sure, people might think that the things I’m thankful for are just really small, trivial matters that I’m putting up just to fill bullet points, but really, they are more than that.


As I do it more and more, these “small” and “trivial” matters have aided me in seeing the bigger picture, it has made it clearer to me that if I encounter a setback, it is merely a small road-block with which I just have to adapt and find another route around. It has helped me see that yes, even though sometimes I think that things could be better, it is also a fact that it could have been much worse.

So I invite everyone to join me with Thankful Fridays! I’m talking especially to you, Peace and Yawen :p. It’s not going to be easy, it definitely still isn’t second nature to me, but at least I am trying, and I am feeling the results. Let’s do this together. 😀

Thankful Fridays: 5 Apr 2013

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