I get really flustered when people ask me “how are you doing?”, “what’s up?” and anything along those lines..

Because I really can’t tell if they are asking for formality’s sake or if they are really interested. I don’t know how to reply.. if they were just asking to be courteous but I told them honestly how I’m doing in detail, it’ll probably bore them and make me seem self-indulgent. But if they were really interested yet I replied with the standard “I’m fine”, it would make me seem uninterested, right?

So here’s an open call to everyone. If you aren’t really interested to know how I’m doing in detail, please spare me and don’t even ask. Just a simple hello when we meet would suffice.

Spare me the formalities cos I really don’t like dealing with that. Say what you mean and mean what you say and we can be great. And if you are really interested to know, feel free to ask but please don’t be surprised when I tell you a long, detailed story of exactly how I’m doing.

Thank you~


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