My 2nd Tattoo @ Vagabond Ink (Part 2)

So after I blogged about my first tattoo experience, many of my friends expressed their interest in getting inked as well. First and foremost I just want to remind everyone to please not make rash decisions. I thought about mine for five years before getting it done. And sorry that I really have to express this personal opinion of mine here but PLEASE I beg of you, do not get your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/best friend’s name/face. PLEASE. Unless your best friend is your dog.  Please be absolutely sure of what you want to get inked on you, because even though it is ink, it’s not the kind that you can use white-out on. It’s permanent.

And secondly, please try to get your family’s approval. Sure, you can put it somewhere they won’t see, like on your back or butt or whatever, but having to keep it from them will really weigh heavily in your heart. If you have to get it done without their consent then be prepared to keep a big secret.

Third and most importantly, please go to a reputable place to get it done. And I’m not saying you MUST go to Vagabond Ink, I’m just saying you SHOULD.

Why? Because why not? Why not go somewhere that’s been tried and tested and proven to be amazing? It’s clean, comfortable, they are super talented and friendly and they actually care for you as a person, and your value is not determined by the amount of money you’re going to give them. They won’t necessarily do something for you even if you’re willing to pay, and they also won’t treat you like a lesser person because you’re not going to spend a lot. I just don’t think that people who have so much integrity come easily these days.

And because I self-declare myself to be an unofficial ambassador of VI, I hereby offer my tour guide services. If you are unsure of how to get there or simply need some moral support when you’re getting it done, I will go with you. No strings attached. Even if I don’t know  you personally, I will go with you. Because I think that everyone deserves a really good experience they won’t regret, especially for potentially life-changing things like a tattoo.

Read Part 1 of this post HERE.

Vagabond Ink is at 333 Kreta Ayer Road #01-19 S080333
Contact my genius artist Ema @+65 9362 9552

My 2nd Tattoo @ Vagabond Ink (Part 2)

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