My 2nd Tattoo @ Vagabond Ink (Part 1)

On 1 March 2013, I got my second tattoo done! Of course I went back to Vagabond Ink and the very talented Ema again. I’d previously been there for my first one.

It was very simple.. I’d wanted “be the change” and asked Ema to come up with some cool fonts and ish. Then, this girl totally mindfked me with her “abstract” idea of this particular script. It wasn’t that the idea was OMG-SO-PRETTY! , it was that it just takes a person on a different sort of artistic plane to be able to even think of it. It’s just genius. And no, I don’t want to put an image of it on here because why should I? She’s an artist..if you want her art you pay for it not copy/paste it for free. No matter how easy an effortless it looks, every artist has to work hard to think of creative ideas, to translate their thoughts into a physical example, and all of them have to work hard to hone their craft. So if you are one of those assholes who want to look at the design before paying, and not even getting it done by that artist and taking the design elsewhere to get inked by dodgy “tattooists” for dirt cheap prices, shame on you! You are disgusting. 我看不起你!

Ok sorry I digressed. Anyway ya, don’t do that! It’s not nice!

Be The Change

It needs a touch-up session but this is what I got done! I wanted “be the change” somewhere I would constantly’s from a Gandhi saying “be the change you wish to see in the world”. I wanted it to be a reminder. Of how there are many people who will drive me crazy, a lot of questionable personalities that I’ll detest, but I should always be the different one. However annoyed and disgusted I am with such people, I should remind myself not to become like them, because I can be better. And because my life seems to have a never-ending flow of tiresome people, and because I’m getting older and being temperamental speeds up aging, I felt like this was necessary. It will help me pull through a lot. So that’s why I did it on the wrist, even after many “are you sure you want to do it somewhere so visible?” s from Ema.

Anyways, my second experience was really enjoyable. It wasn’t as novel as when I did my first tattoo, but it didn’t pale in comparison at all. Actually my second experience was more exciting than the first..because I had gotten rid of the phobia of the needle buzzing and there was less uncertainty in what to expect. I was just incredibly excited the whole time before and during the session, and I talked a lot until the sleepiness kicked in. I think I talked so much that I annoyed Ema a bit LOL :/

This one was a little more painful than the first which didn’t hurt at all, and there were certain spots on this one where I felt like I had to curse a bit, but because Ema is so gentle and will check x100 times if you are ok, it was easily bearable. So for people who want to get inked but are concerned about the pain, trust me, don’t be too caught up in it. I have a friend who has quite low tolerance of pain who actually said that it hurt less than menstrual cramps. YA! Don’t worry too much about it I’m sure you will pull through.

So that’s basically my 2nd experience at Vagabond Ink! And because I had quite  a lot of people ask me about inking and stuff after my blog post about my first tattoo, I feel like there are some things I need to clarify. Everyone thinking of getting a tattoo, PLEASE read Part 2 HERE before you make any rash decisions ! 😀

Vagabond Ink is at 333 Kreta Ayer Road #01-19 S080333
Contact my genius artist Ema @+65 9362 9552

My 2nd Tattoo @ Vagabond Ink (Part 1)

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