I think that fate is such a miraculous force of nature.

Yes, there are times when fate throws people you absolutely cannot tolerate to faze you and to diminish your karma points, but when it wants to be good to you, it knows no bounds. I’ve met a few of the most incredible people ever, just because of fate. That brilliant stroke of luck that put us in positions to meet. I’m talking serious luck only explainable with fate. Things that were not really supposed to happen, happened because of one tiny decision made, because of one minute change in initial plans.

Just because of this kind of fate, I have met precious people who have made me feel like I’ve known them forever from the moment I meet them. I feel extremely at ease in their presence, I’m so comfortable in telling them everything about myself, my family and even my dog. I love to hear everything about them, even things that may seem mundane to them. I feel like if we wanted to, the conversation could flow forever. They inspire me and broaden my perspectives. I feel like I’ve never met someone who has so much in common as I. It makes me wish that we had met sooner. It makes all the assholes I’ve met and had to deal with along the way all worth it.

Recently, I met someone like this. And even though I have met a few people this way, even though we may or may not have become proper friends, I still know that this is nothing short of a wondrous twist of fate. It still surprises me and amazes me, and I know that I will never take this kind of fate for granted.

So, thank you, Fate. Please continue to be good to me. And thank you, wonderful people, please continue to come into my life and inspire me.


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