Review: LUSH Volcano Foot Mask


Let’s start with a maybe too detailed explanation of how my feet are. They are extremely dry to the point where my feet will itch from the amount of dead skin build up. And because my footwear of choice is always Havianas flip-flops, dirt gets to my feet very easily and once it gets trapped between the lines, it takes a lot of effort to remove.

So a few days ago, I decided that it’s time to use my tub of Volcano Foot Mask. I’ve tried lots of highly raved foot masks and results have been mediocre, so naturally I didn’t expect too much of this. But, Volcano blew me away. It’s by far the BEST and most value for money foot mask I have ever tried. And it’s the one with the most natural ingredients! All the previous ones I’ve tried have all sorts of mysterious chemicals that make your skin peel off, yet isn’t as effective as Volcano.


LUSH Volcano Foot Mask

LUSH employees will tell you to use half or the whole pot per treatment, but I found that about 1/4 of the tub was enough for a generous layer on both feet. On the pot it says to leave it on for 10 minutes, but I left mine on for about 40 minutes and all was good.


Green= Natural, Black= Safe synthetics


  • Kaolin and Bentonite are naturally occurring clays that draw out dirt and impurities.
  • Pumice adds to the exfoliating factor
  • Limeflower alleviates cramps, Cleaver reduces swelling.
  • Tomatoes, Papaya and Potatoes contain enzymes that  “eat” up dead skin. They are also brightening, helping to remove dark spots and fade scars.

Hear the LUSH founders talk about Volcano here.


  1. Spread a generous amount on  feet, wrap it up with clingwrap or regular plastic bags.
  2. Put on socks or bedroom slippers to secure the wrap.
  3. Chill out with favorite book or TV show for at least 30 minutes.
  4. Head to bathroom, remove socks and wrap, use some warm water to soften the now dried mask and massage with hands.
  5. Use pumice stone to scrub the mask all over feet. Remember your toes and top of feet too! Pumice stone AND pumice powder? Double effects!
  6. When satisfied with scrubbing (be careful not to over exfoliate, it will hurt!), rinse off everything with warm water, dry feet, enjoy new baby soft feet and the cool, tingly feeling from the mint in the mask for hours.

Follow up with a foot lotion; I recommend Fair Trade Foot Lotion by LUSH to complement and prolong the effects of the mask. Use Volcano 1-2 times a week to maintain baby smooth feet! Pumice stones can be found at Daiso for $2. You really don’t need any pricey “branded” pumice stones.

Volcano helped not only to smooth, soften and exfoliate my feet, it also got rid of the dirt trapped in between the lines. My feet felt very clean and refreshed afterwards.


That’s about $4-$5 per use. By far the most inexpensive and most effective foot mask I’ve tried.


Product: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Repurchase?: YES

Cheers to smooth feet!

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Review: LUSH Volcano Foot Mask

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