It Feels Nice..

..when your appreciation is appreciated. When it is taken seriously, when it makes someone else’s day.

So, give credit where credit is due and don’t be stingy with your praises and compliments. You never know when a few words or gestures from you will make someone else’s day. And when you know that you have made someone happy, you’ll feel happy too.

And if you are unsatisfied, don’t just keep quiet; send in a feedback. Because the receiving party might really be able to improve from your feedback, and because you don’t deserve to be bugged and suffering alone from an unsatisfactory experience.

It’s not about being a good person or a bad person. I don’t think “good” and “bad” can be defined like this. I just think that if more people were more generous with their compliments for things they like and more willing to offer constructive criticisms, the world would be a much less complicated, happier place.

It Feels Nice..

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