5 Feb 2013

Do you know what I hate?

I hate people who use the power of majority. To prove themselves right, to define a person, to “win” an argument etc. I hate it when people say “xx and yy AND zz all think you are like thisthatwhatever, so you should reflect on it etcwtf”. I hate it when people use these kinda shit reasons to define someone or something. “Everyone thinks this is bad..so it must be bad.” HELLO? What logic is that? It just goes to show how much of a sheep you are. You have no opinions of your own and/or you are too much of a fucking coward to have/express them. You merely follow the crowd and claim that majority opinion as “right” because “everyone” thinks so.

Yes of course it can be that you DO have your own opinion but it just so happens to be what “everyone” also thinks, but that still doesn’t mean that it is right, or that it is the only. It doesn’t mean that you can use that to define and put someone down just because “everyone thinks so”. I don’t think it speaks very well of yourself when you tell someone “abc and efg and countless other people have already left you, reflect on your behaviour before xyz and etc leave you also cos they can’t stand you.”

It’s like, F YOU. Especially if you don’t even know that person personally. Who are you to judge?

And yes it can go the other way also. Like “everyone says this laksa/bubble tea/whatever is really good, so it must be good!” and if someone disagrees they are “wrong” ?!!? YOU should try everything for YOURSELF and form your OWN opinion of it, don’t just take “everyone’s opinion” as a benchmark.

Just because “everyone” is echoing the same thing does not necessarily make it TRUE. 

5 Feb 2013

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