My First Tattoo @ Vagabond Ink

On 3 February 2013, I got my first ever tattoo! It’s something I’ve been wanting to do since I was 16 and a few days ago, I decided that the time is right. I decided to go to Vagabond Ink because they’ve been on the back of my mind since my friend Jiayi got her tattoo done there a few years ago. I looked them up and found that I really liked their vibe too. Plus, location was very convenient for me and it was not dodgy.

I sent them an email with the rough idea of what I wanted, and they organised an artist (Emmeline) for me. Within two days, Ema came up with the rough sketch and I was happy with it. Then we made an appointment for the next day (today) to get it done. Everything might seem a little rushed and impulsive but trust me, I’ve wanted these designs for a longgg time.

Anyway, this was the shitty rough idea I sent to Ema: ShittyRough

So I arrived at the studio this morning, a little earlier than my 11am appointment. The studio was still closed and Ema was still on the way but even then, she was already asking how I am feeling and telling me to calm down. I told her I’d always shudder at the sound the tattoo needles make when I walk past parlors and how my main concern isn’t the pain but more of “what if i can’t deal with the pain once it starts then i will have like one line”. She began preparing all the tools and at the same time talked to me about random things, like telling me to tell her about myself, what I like etc. I knew it was a way to get my mind off the actual situation but it worked. And she even started singing and DAYYYUM that girl really can sing! It was soothing. I focused more on the music and less on the situation at hand. LOL

When she was about to start, she turned up the music so I would hear less of the bzzzzz from the needle and even asked if I’d like the music even louder. I can’t speak for other tattoo parlors cos obviously I’ve never been there but..I don’t think many people will be so considerate, right?

Then when she finally started I was like “….wtf? this was what I was so worried about?”. It wasn’t even painful at all! I mean, you do feel something but it’s feels like a massage contraption. I almost fell was actually quite soothing and nice. I can name so many things that hurt more than that. Like mouth ulcers, paper cuts, overly pushed in cuticles, accidentally scraping your gums with a sharp food, piercings.. really, the list is endless. I was actually still thinking that it’s too good to be true and maybe she’s saving the parts that hurt the most for the last but it never came and suddenly she said “We are done.”. I asked her if she was kidding. I told her it hurts less than pushing your fingernail into your skin and she said she’s never heard it described that way. But seriously, even I was surprised. . Before I went in I was expecting that I will have to bite my fingers to stop myself from screaming or that I would tear from the pain. The sadistic part in me even tried telling my brain “it hurts” when she was shading, but nope..still not painful.

Here’s the final, detailed view and also Ema’s rough sketch: FinalTattoo

From my shitty rough done in Microsoft PAINT, Ema did this amazing stuff. I’m SO EXTREMELY HAPPY with it. Like a proud parent..LOL

Anyway I think whether it hurts or not is also due to the skill of your tattooist? So Ema is very very very good. AND the studio is very clean and comfortable and not dingy old dodgy stuff.

Check out Vagabond Ink HERE or visit in person @333 Kreta Ayer Road #01-19, or contact Ema directly at:

I can’t wait for my coloring appointment next month!! (Y)(Y)(Y)

Forgot to mention that Jiayi @ was the one who brought this amazing place to my attention. THANKS BABE!

My First Tattoo @ Vagabond Ink

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