3 April 2012

Hello Earthians!

I’m sooooo happy today because MY FRIEND IS HERE! She’s on a work trip from the Google HQ but of course i get to see her! YAY! I might get a photo with her and post it up soon but to cut the long story short, i met her when i was interning at a hotel. She was my Duty Manager and at first, we didn’t get along. However after i got to know her better we helped each other through the shitty times. I haven’t seen her in a YEAR so i am extremely excited woohoo!

So anyways, back to the routine things..i didn’t do much today. Woke up at 5pm cos i only managed to fall asleep at 7am due to this damned mozzie that all deserve to DIE. Went out for dinner at Empire Cafe with my mom then i had an Ah Teng’s Bakery scone as dessert. Double clotted cream yums. Everyone NEEDS to try out Empire Cafe’s crayfish horfun! Or if you dont like crayfish, ask for beef horfun (secret menu item). It’s like, my favourite horfun ever! Went to get mosquito repellents after.

Also i went into Papermarket and instantly regretted it. SO MANY PRETTY THINGS! I HAVE to go get stuff when i have $. I loitered in the shop for so long and putting my self-control to the ultimate test by not buying anything! My mom rushed me out of the shop cos she wanted to go home already that might have helped a little. I also want to get one of those kutsuwa eraser making kit soon. But first i need to source where i can get polymer clay at the lowest price.

Goodness so many of life’s problems would be solved and non-existent if i had lots of money. If only.

3 April 2012

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