19th Birthday Universal Studios Singapore! (Part 1)

yes this post is finally here.
so on my 19th birthday,that’s about 3 weeks ago, Peace, Yawen and I went to USS !
it’s actually kinda disappointing because it is super duper small! but we had fun so wells.
i realised that actually i don’t have many photos so everyone should head over to Yawen’s blog post about it. Click Here

We arrived bright an early in the morning so that we could spend the whole day there. It was raining when we arrived but we predicted it would stop soon so we went into Hershey’s Chocolate World and had a ball!

My favourite Reese’s Peanut Buttercups are finally in Singapore! There’re also chocolate chips in “Cinnamon” and “Premium White” etc! Those are new too!

Hershey’s Kisses in a cute jar and a giant Kiss that you can store your Kisses in!

Shrek’s Swamp

With Puss! the one and only mascot we saw that day.

We went Far Far Away. lol.

Okay I’m just not going to ramble here. I’ll post all the photos i have in the next post.
Overall, my favourite ride would be the Jurrassic Park water raft ride..everyone should definitely try it! Suprises included! haha. :X

Ya really no mood to blog. Check out Yawen’s blog post as linked!

19th Birthday Universal Studios Singapore! (Part 1)

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