Korea 2010- Part 1

About 3 weeks ago, I visited Seoul. I LOVE IT!

Immediately after getting out of immigrations, I headed to the mart for Banana Milk!
Super yummy. In my 5 days there I had about 10 bottles of these. LOL

And I had Lee Seung Gi on my water!

The day after I got back to Singapore, I missed it already. Firstly I missed the cold weather since Singapore was like an oven, and I MISSED THE SHOPPING!  Things are are cheapcheapcheap! Bloody Etude House is half price over there! And they have lots more brands too!

More cosmetic shops with a bonus Yoona standee!

Shinee Hello Baby scenes! LOL

This is the same ahjumma!

We went to some Palace

Also went to Aiins World, which is a place where they have mini versions of  renowned landmarks of the world.


Mini Melts and Baskin Robins!

Learnt how to make Kimchi

And saw cherry blossoms!

My outlook about tour groups hasn’t changed. I hate following tour groups and will try not to as much as possible. I’m very much an explorer, and I like to try to find my way around. Maps will always be available from your hotel concierge! But my mom is always scared and worried, and she had already paid for the tour package in full when she told me so..didn’t have much of a choice. As expected, following the tour brought me to places that I’m not interested in because the whole time, in my mind, it was “I’d rather be shopping!”

There’re plus points though, it definitely made me see things I would have never intentionally set aside time to see if I had went myself. The tour also brought us to the Outlet Malls, which I would have never been able to find alone. Also, I made a new friend who was in the same tour group, and a Korean aquiantance! I told her I’d look for her if I were to go to Korea in the future and she was so happy to hear that and even gave me her email address when i only asked for her minihompy. (Y)

Korea 2010- Part 1

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