Dubai 2009

Okay so in December 2009, my family and I had to go to Cyprus( details in next post), and we had to go via either Dubai or Greece, so we used that opportunity to visit Dubai.

This is the famed Burj Al Arab, which definitely looks much better in google images than in real life.

Yea, Dubai really has beautiful buildings. But they really all look much better in photos.

Dubai also loves its aquariums! The one on the left is only a pane of glass of the massive aquarium in the middle of the Atlantis Hotel, and the one on the right is the world’s largest single pane of plexiglass in the famed Dubai Mall. It’s really scarily HUGE, and i heard that some time ago it leaked.

The colors of Dubai. From left: the gold souk, a textile shop and a random mosque. Below: shoes!

This is really magnificent. It’s a ski slope, complete with chair lifts, in the middle of a shopping mall!

And this is an ice skating rink in the Dubai Mall! They’re crazy about ice.

This man is making sand jars! He is damn good at it! He can make images of camels and the changing colors of the desert IN the sand a painting! He can also make your name or whatever you want. Very amazing but sadly, I didn’t get a jar. Too expensive~! ):

And this is how they sell spices! So neat and pretty right!? Also, saffron is very cheap there.

That’s about all the photos..haha. For me, the trip to Dubai was very disappointing because I expected alot~! Seeing how all their buildings looks so amazing on the internet and seeing how dull they are in person made me really sad. Shopping there isn’t good either, everything is either the same price or more expensive than in Singapore so..I wouldn’t recommend going there just for a holiday. Maybe for a day or two just to experience it a little on the way to somewhere else would be enough.

Gonna end with a pretty sunset photo my bro-in-law took!

Dubai 2009