Dubai & Cyprus

i’m up at this hour because i still have to pack my luggage :/
my flight is 1am tomorrow.
i got bored packing and so i decided to research and here i am.

so, many people are like “i have no idea where that is” when they see/hear the word here’s a map.
*excuse the win $100.00 here thingy.i got it from some random website.
click to enlarge..and Cyprus has been marked out with a red box by me.
it’s a little island in the mediterranean sea
for those who dont understand my unwillingness to be in Cyprus, here’s why

Kakopetria Village

this village is where im going to be living for like..11days!
it’s just like a mountain in china, except with different trees! blah.
and i cannot believe they dont have internet like ohmygod.
i mean, i know, i can take this chance to really appreciate nature and all it’s exotic-ness, and i do love nature.
it’s just that, this is just not the kind of place that i want to be right now..
i want to go to amsterdam, spain, moscow.. not some village.
but anyways, it might turn out quite alright..i hope.

im super excited about the DUBAI part. like, i love dubai i have wanted to go there for AGES.
downside: only 2 shortshortshort days!
im scared i dont have time to even visit sephora! i want to go to sephora! i need to get urban decay primer potion! and nars stuff!
ANDANDAND! my hotel has a Buddha Bar nearby!
totally have to check it out man..i’ve been to Prague and i haven’t been to its buddha bar, i’ve been to london more times than i want, and i haven’t been to its buddha bar too! so, Dubai buddha bar i MUSTTT go.

anyways, i’ll be staying at the JW Marriot in Dubai. it looks very blah from the outside but the lobby looks alright.
not grand but not that bad either so.

JW Marriot Dubai

JW Marriot Dubai- Lobby


Dubai & Cyprus

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